Aaron is a 9 (started at 6) year old boy from California with a love for dinosaurs, science and a desire to share what he learns with others.

Together with his daddy, Aaron helps produce each episode of Aaron's World. This takes quite a bit of time and work which isn't always easy for a 9 year old. Aaron is in charge of choosing each episode topic and putting together all the information in a way that kids his age can understand. Daddy takes care of the dinosaur sounds and special effects to help make each episode fun and exciting.

Keep in mind, this podcast is a learning experience for Aaron as well. He knows a lot about dinosaurs... but he doesn't know everything. Sometimes, he needs to do a lot of reading just to prepare for an episode. He may not get every detail correct but that's ok. What's important is to do his best, ask lots of questions, keep learning, and most of all... have FUN!

Aaron has decided that he'd like to break the podcast into seasons. This way, we can have a little break (its a lot of work making these little episodes) and also make some changes from season to season. Season 1 will end at episode 20 with a season finale we hope you enjoy.

If you'd like to hear yourself on the show, please send in an audio question. If you'd just like to say hi to Aaron, he'd love to hear from you. He answers every email sent from listeners.

We're so glad you enjoy the podcast and hope you'll tell your friends and family about the show.


Daddy & Aaron