Here are a few of the more frequently asked questions we receive about the show.

** This is a bit outdated. We'll update soon **

When are new episodes released?

New episodes are released roughly every 2-3 weeks and we do our best to get them out on Saturdays. Although, if you're really anxious you'll usually see them pop into the podcast feed on Friday night. Of course, this is all subject to the realities of family life which can sometimes get us off schedule. If you're a parent, I'm sure you understand.

My child loves the show and wants to make his/her own podcast. Any tips?

Absolutely! In fact, I get this question so often that we've decided to answer it by doing a "bonus" episode of Aaron's World describing how we make the podcast (from a kid's perspective). Making each episode is such a wonderful educational experience for Aaron that we'd like to share our process with listeners. We'll likely insert this "Making of" episode just as soon as we can fit it into our schedule.

Why is the podcast divided into seasons?

Well, the original idea for seasons came from Aaron because he wanted to do new themes for each season. But from a production viewpoint, seasons are very helpful.  Although each podcast is only 5-7 minutes long, they are very time consuming to make. Plus, accommodating family life and a school schedule presents its own challenges. Seasons allow us an end point to work towards and then a break to both relax a bit and prepare for the next group of episodes. Season One ends at episode 20 (with a fun little season finale) and subsequent seasons will be 10 episodes long.

And yes, Aaron does have ideas in his head all the way through season four! In fact, the season will end at episode 50 and our little story will be complete.

I love the artwork in your icons. Where do they come from?

We're trying to figure that out ourselves. Most of the artwork was collected from the internet before we started the podcast. It was Aaron's dinosaur picture collection that he used as reference for drawing his favorite dinosaurs. Now that we've used some for podcast icons, I've been trying to track down the sources so we can credit the artists in our episode list. But tracking down the artists isn't always easy. If you see a piece of artwork you recognize, please let us know.