Thursday, May 19, 2016

Episode 09 - Asteroid

  Season 1   "World of Dinosaurs"  

Episode 09 - Asteroid  ( DOWNLOAD | SUBSCRIBE )

Aaron and INO are on a collision course with the asteroid that caused the dinosaur extinction.

Originally Released: July 17, 2010

Icon Art & Inspiration by Don Davis


Aaron................  Aaron  (Mesozoic I.N.O. User)
Bridget..............  INO  (I.N.O. Unit 02)

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Episode 08 - Earth

  Season 1   "World of Dinosaurs"  

Episode 08 - Earth  ( DOWNLOAD | SUBSCRIBE )

Aaron blasts off to see what the Earth looked like in Dinosaur Time and finds something that tends to get lost.

Originally Released: July 2, 2010

Icon Art & Inspiration by Walter Myers


Aaron................  Aaron  (Mesozoic I.N.O. User)
Bridget..............  INO  (I.N.O. Unit 02)

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Episode 07 - Cryolophosaurus

  Season 1   "World of Dinosaurs"  

Episode 07 - Cryolophosaurus  ( DOWNLOAD | SUBSCRIBE )

Aaron searches Antarctica for Cryolophosaurus fossils and answers a question from Hannah.

Originally Released: June 18, 2010

Icon Art & Inspiration by Fabio Pastori


Aaron................  Aaron (Mesozoic I.N.O. User)


Hannah asks "Will dinosaurs run up to you faster than a leopard?"

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Episode 06 - Microraptor

  Season 1   "World of Dinosaurs"  

Episode 06 - Microraptor  ( DOWNLOAD | SUBSCRIBE )

Aaron climbs high into the treetops to track a tiny prehistoric glider and answers a question from Noah.

Originally Released: June 3, 2010

Icon Art & Inspiration by Denis Finnin (AMNH)


Aaron................  Aaron (Mesozoic I.N.O. User)


Noah asks "How would you stay safe from a T-Rex?"

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Aaron's World on YouTube!

The Aaron's World YouTube channel is now available. 

New video versions of our audio drama episodes will be posted weekly. We hope this new format will allow you more options for listening and sharing our story with others. Plus, we'll sprinkle little extras into the videos to keep them fun and entertaining. 

Check out our "Welcome" message for a sample. And be sure to SUBSCRIBE.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Episode 05 - Argentinasaurus

  Season 1   "World of Dinosaurs"  

Episode 05 - Argentinasaurus  ( DOWNLOAD | SUBSCRIBE )

Aaron finds the largest animal ever to walk the Earth and answers a question from Nova.

Originally Released: May 20, 2010

Icon Art & Inspiration by Aldo Chiappe


Aaron................  Aaron (Mesozoic I.N.O. User)


Nova asks "How do we know what dinosaur skin looks like?"

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Episode 04 - Megalodon

  Season 1   "World of Dinosaurs"  

Episode 04 - Megalodon  ( DOWNLOAD | SUBSCRIBE )

Aaron tracks the dangerous Megalodon and answers his first listener question from Colin.

Originally Released: May 9, 2010

Icon Art & Inspiration by Todd Marshall


Aaron................  Aaron (Mesozoic I.N.O. User)


Colin asks "If a T-Rex battled a Velociraptor, who would win?"

Monday, February 22, 2016

Episode 03 - Sharks

  Season 1   "World of Dinosaurs"  

Episode 03 - Sharks  ( DOWNLOAD | SUBSCRIBE )

Aaron travels under the sea to explore the prehistoric world of ancient sharks.

Originally Released: April 18, 2010

Icon Art & Inspiration by Todd Marshall


Aaron................  Aaron (Mesozoic I.N.O. User)

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Episode 02 - Iguanodon

  Season 1   "World of Dinosaurs"  

Episode 02 - Iguanodon  ( DOWNLOAD | SUBSCRIBE )

Aaron searches the jungles of the Mesozoic for the very first dinosaur ever discovered.

Originally Released: April 6, 2010

Icon Art & Inspiration by Jonatan Iverson-Ejve


Aaron................  Aaron (Mesozoic I.N.O. User)

Friday, February 5, 2016

Episode 01 - Allosaurus

  Season 1   "World of Dinosaurs"  

Episode 01 - Allosaurus  ( DOWNLOAD | SUBSCRIBE )

Aaron's prehistoric adventure begins deep in the Mesozoic Era with the mighty Allosaurus.

Originally Released: March 27, 2010

Icon Art & Inspiration by Hirokazu Tokugawa


Aaron................  Aaron (Mesozoic I.N.O. User)

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Welcome to Aaron's World!

  Season 1   "World of Dinosaurs"  

Welcome to Aaron's World!  ( DOWNLOAD | SUBSCRIBE )

A brief "Welcome" message for new listeners of the Aaron's World audio drama adventure.

TIP: Use headphones for the best listening experience.

Icon Art by Mike Meraz

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Season 1 Teaser

  Season 1   "World of Dinosaurs"  

Season 1 Teaser  ( DOWNLOAD | SUBSCRIBE )

Promotional teaser for Season 1 of the Aaron's World audio drama.

(This file can be used freely for promotional purposes)

Icon Art by (unknown)

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

From the Beginning with Remastered Episodes

We're ready to begin releasing remastered and re-edited versions of our episodes! 

They'll basically be the same episodes but cleaned up for better sound quality. I'll be fixing errors, expanding show notes, tweaking sound FX, and adding bits of new narration here and there. Seasons 1 and 2 are in need of the most work but I've got a few "fixes" to make in Season 3 and 4 as well. It's a bit of work so I'll try to release at least 1 episode a week (starting this Friday). As I do, the old version will disappear from the podcast feed. 

We're anxious to begin the adventure again! I hope you all enjoy collecting new episode versions.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Presenting... the Aaron's World CAST!

Check out our NEW Cast List!

Curious to see who the "real" kids are that performed the voices of your favorite characters? Well, take a look at our website's NEW Cast List section.

Just like movie credits, we've listed all our voice actors (kids and adults) in order of appearance along with the character(s) they played. Some of our voice actors might not have even known they played an actual character. Surprise!

And who knows, some of the minor characters just might have bigger roles in the books?

Friday, January 1, 2016

What's Next? Messages from Mike and Aaron!

Happy New Year!

Well, our story is complete and the feedback has been wonderful. Thank you all so much for listening and for all the kind emails you've sent in. We're so glad you've enjoyed our little "science fairy tale" as much as we enjoyed making it.

Now that it's done, we'll be spending quite a bit of time editing and polishing our audio drama for future dino loving kids (and adults) to enjoy. And you're probably wondering what's next? Well, Aaron and I prepared audio messages to fill you in.

Aaron's World will be shifting gears a bit. We'll always be available as a podcast but with new ways to listen. AND we'll be exploring an exciting new format which may help us share our little story with an even larger audience. Now THAT would be awesome!

Take a listen for all the details!

And be sure to check out our updated "Contacts" section of this website. We've added social media information for those of you wanting to keep up with our "real-life" family adventures.

As always, we hope you'll share our podcast with others who might enjoy an adventure on the Science Frontier!

A Message from Mike...

A Message from Aaron...

Monday, December 21, 2015

Episode 50 - Frontier

Episode 50 - Frontier (listen)

Finale Part 3 - Aaron, Delaney, and Ezra must stop the events set in motion by PRIME to save the Mesozoic world!

Stay subscribed! EXTRAS coming after the holidays.

Featuring the song "Science Frontier" by Monty Harper.

And don't forget, you can subscribe to Aaron's World via iTunes, visit us on Google Plus and Facebook for news and updates, or find us online via our contact info on our website.

Icon Art by Robert Gendler
"Full On", "Descent", "Sunshine" by Kevin Macleod (
"Science Frontier" by Monty Harper (

New Music - "Aaron's World" by Monty Harper

"Aaron's World" by Monty Harper

As a special thank you to all our listeners, we are proud to share a brand new song by Monty Harper... Aaron's World.

Feel free to download and share this song with others.

For more Monty Harper music visit

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Final Episode on Winter Solstice! (Dec 21st)

Final Episode on Winter Solstice! (Dec 21st)

Wow! This final episode has really been tough. It's the longest episode yet! But I'm half way done. Woohoo!!!

Fortunately, the first half I've just finished is the BIG climactic scene. That's what made it so difficult to produce. Now, I'm onto the second half which is much easier. It wraps up all the loose ends and completes the story arcs for our characters.

If all goes well, I'm hoping to release this final episode on Winter Solstice (Dec 21st). Think of it as a prehistoric holiday gift from us, to you. We can't wait for you to hear it!

But once the final episode comes out, stay subscribed!  We plan on having some EXTRA content for you to enjoy. Once the story is complete, we'll be putting together some special episodes to answer your questions, discuss our story, provide background on characters, discuss our story arcs, and perhaps even share some secret portions of the story that didn't make it into our episodes. If you have questions you'd like us to answer, send them to

And of course, we'll share how we'll be keeping ourselves busy in 2016.

So, hang in there!

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Episode 49 - Decisions

Episode 49 - Decisions (listen)

Finale Part 2 - Aaron's final encounter with PRIME forces them both to rethink the role science plays in our lives.

And don't forget... subscribe to Aaron's World via iTunes to make sure you never miss an episode! And visit us on Google Plus and Facebook for news and updates.

We'll be back in December with our HUGE and Action-Packed final episode!

Icon Art by Unknown
"Black Vortex", "Dark Standoff", "Oppressive Gloom", "Showdown", "Machinations", and "Dark Times" by Kevin Macleod (

Thursday, October 8, 2015

New Episode Coming Soon

New Episode Coming Soon! 

I'm still working on Ep 49. It's a big one so it's taking a little longer than expected. It should be ready to release at the end of next week. Then, it's time to get started on the HUGE Ep 50. You can expect that one in early December.

To help you wait... 

Aaron is a big Minecraft fan AND has been teaching himself video production. So, he and a friend decided to get some practice by starting a YouTube gaming channel called, The Miniacs

It's just for fun and not related to Aaron's World. But he'd love to have you check it out. You'll definitely recognize his Minecraft name. Feel free to say hi to him in the comments. Enjoy!

You can also follow Aaron on Google Plus.