Sunday, February 11, 2018

Bonus Episode 03 - Purgatorius

  Season 2    "Burst of Mammals"  

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Aaron returns to the Paleocene to keep his promise to Smidge and answers several listener questions.

REMASTERED (Originally Released: Dec 31, 2012)

Icon Art & Inspiration by Walter Myers


Aaron................  Aaron (Mesozoic I.N.O. User)
Bridget..............  INO (I.N.O. Unit 02)
                             Computer System Voice
Smidge..............  Smidge (Purgatorius)


Cyrus asks  "How tough is a T. rex?"
Jack asks  "What is the smallest dinosaur?"
Lochlan asks  "What is your favorite dinosaur show?"
Ivan asks  "Is there anything that east pterosaurs?"
Hannah asks  "What is your state dinosaur? Who would win between a T. rex and Seismosaurus?"
Special Thanks to Hannah's "Dino-Nerd" Dad for the kind comments about the show!
Willie asks  "Are birds dinosaurs?"
Spencer wonders if some of his favorite Paleozoic creatures will be in Season 3?
Stella wants to know  "How INO was created in the future?"