Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Bonus Episode 2 - Ankylosaur

Bonus Episode 2 - Ankylosaur (listen)

Aaron, Colin, Evalyn and Cami gather around the campfire to read Daniel Loxton's new dinosaur book for kids... Ankylosaur Attack!

We don't usually review books, but Daniel Loxton is Aaron's favorite science author for kids, so we made an exception. Ankylosaur Attack is the first book in the Tales of Prehistoric Life series and we were fortunate enough to receive a review copy (we've since purchased 2 more!). This is a "must have" item for any young dinosaur lovin' kids.

We highly recommend both of Daniel's recent science books for kids...

-- Ankylosaur Attack (Tales of Prehistoric Life)
-- Evolution: How We and all Living Things Came to Be

And if your kids are capable young readers, be sure to check out Daniel's excellent work on Junior Skeptic inside each issue of Skeptic Magazine.

Icon & Cover Art by Daniel Loxton