Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Behind the Scenes Pic of Episode 27

Can you guess what environment Aaron will be diving into in episode 27?

I took this photos while recording the sound effects for the next episode. It's a big bowl of water and Aaron got dunked about 18 times so we could capture just the right sounds we needed. Sometimes we use the sounds, sometime we don't. But it's alway a lot of fun.

Plus, we have more email questions than episodes left in the season so we'll be answering several in the next episode. Eliot, Jeremy, and Andy (3 kids from 3 different countries) have been very patient. Thanks, kiddos! Your answers are coming soon.

Oh, and we haven't forgotten Molly. Her question will be in episode 28 along with a really cool surprise! By the way, Molly sent us a picture and Aaron and I agree... we've found another Princess Scientist!

Time to get back to work making the episode. Bye!