Sunday, October 27, 2013

Aaron's World meets TWiT!

What does a podcasting kid want for his birthday? To meet other podcasters, of course!

Aaron's 10th birthday is just around the corner and his birthday wish was to visit the TWiT studio. Leo Laporte and all of the TWiT staff were more than willing to help make that birthday wish come true.

We spent the day attending recordings, chatting with hosts, talking about Aaron's World on the Livestream, and seeing all the behind the scenes activity that happens each day to produce all of the great TWiT shows we love to watch.

Plus! Aaron is a huge Minecraft fan and got to meet Chad Johnson, host of his favorite Minecraft podcast, OMGcraft!

The TWiT staff could not have made our family feel more welcomed. It was wonderful to see one generation of podcasters inspiring the next.

Click below to see all the pictures from our visit.

TWiT Studio Visit