Sunday, March 9, 2014

Plesiosaur Peril

It's here! It's here! The final book in Daniel Loxton's Tales of Prehistoric Life trilogy?  Plesiosaur Peril is now available!

We pre-ordered ours the moment it became available. Aaron has read it several times both for the wonderful little story and to stare at the gorgeous artwork. The trilogy is an amazing tale of prehistoric life on the land, in the air, and under the sea. Imaginative learning at it's finest. To be honest, we're sad it's only a trilogy... we wish it could go on forever!

If you or the kids in your life enjoy a little bit of dino-fiction along with your science-facts... then this is the book series for you! We're excited to finally have the complete collection on our bookshelf

If you'd like to hear Aaron's review of the first book in the series, Ankylosaur Attack, then be sure to give Bonus Episode 2 a listen.

We highly recommend all of Daniel Loxton's science books for kids...

* Plesiosaur Peril
Pterosaur Trouble
Ankylosaur Attack
Evolution: How We and all Living Things Came to Be

And if your kids are capable young readers, be sure to check out Daniel's excellent work on Junior Skeptic inside each issue of Skeptic Magazine.

Thanks, Daniel. We LOVE the trilogy!