Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Recording is a Wrap!

Voice acting for Aaron's World is now complete! And with this milestone comes plenty of mixed emotions.

Excitement, for the conclusion of our story.
Pride, for the wonderful performances.
Relief, to be done with recording.
and Sadness, to see this fun stage end.

But what we're feeling most is... Gratitude. We are so grateful for all the time, talent, and support shared by so many friends to help make this little podcast of ours.

I'm sometimes asked if the many voices heard in our podcast are from professional voice actors. Some want to know where they can hear more of their work. Aaron's World is their only performance. They're not professional voice actors, they're our neighbors, teachers, classmates, and friends. Friends who generously volunteered their time for one simple reason...

                ...to help a little boy tell a story, and share a little science along the way.

So, to Delaney, Ezra, Ashley, Jason, Monty, Evalyn, Colin, Tracen, Henry, Princess Scientist, Cami, Juliana, Lucy, Owen, Connor, Allan, Diego, Robin, and everyone else... Thank You!