Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Mammoth is Mopey and Needs Your Support

Mammoth is Mopey is an adorable children's book project that we're happy to support.

We LOVE sharing creative projects for kids that promote science and fuel imaginations. Our friends David Orr and his wife Jennie are doing just that with their Prehistoric Alphabet Children's Book called...

      Mammoth is Mopey (via Indigogo)

David and Jennie hope this book will be the first of several children's books to come. We certainly hope so! And we intend to make sure our book shelf is stocked with a copy of every children's book these two produce. We've placed our support for this project and hope some of you will enjoy doing the same.

You can learn more about David, dinosaurs, science, and his wonderful artwork at his blog.

Thank you, David and Jennie for all the love and work that went into this project. We suspect little Mammoth won't be so mopey once s/he finds a home on children's bookshelves everywhere!