SEASON 1 - World of Dinosaurs

Welcome to Aaron's World
A brief "Welcome" message for new listeners of the Aaron's World audio drama adventure.  [ SHOW NOTES ]

Teaser - Season 1
Promotional teaser for Season 1 of the Aaron's World audio drama.  

Episode 01 - Allosaurus
Aaron's prehistoric adventure begins deep in the Mesozoic Era with the mighty Allosaurus.  SHOW NOTES ]

Episode 02 - Iguanodon
Aaron searches the jungles of the Mesozoic for the first dinosaur ever discovered.  SHOW NOTES ]

Episode 03 - Sharks
Aaron travels under the sea to explore the prehistoric world of ancient sharks.  SHOW NOTES ]

Episode 04 - Megalodon
Aaron tracks the dangerous Megalodon and answers his very first listener question from Colin.  SHOW NOTES ]

Episode 05 - Argentinasuarus
Aaron finds the largest animal ever to walk the Earth and answers a question from Nova.  SHOW NOTES ]

Episode 06 - Microraptor
Aaron climbs high into the treetops to track a tiny prehistoric glider and answers a question from Noah.  SHOW NOTES ]

Episode 07 - Cryolophosaurus
Aaron searches Antarctica for Cryolophosaurus fossils and answers a question from Hannah.  SHOW NOTES ]

Episode 08 - Earth
Aaron blasts into orbit to see what the Earth looked like in Dinosaur Time and finds something that tends to get lost.  SHOW NOTES ]

Episode 09 - Asteroid
Aaron and INO are on a collision course with the asteroid that caused the dinosaur extinction.  SHOW NOTES ]

Episode 10 - Camping
Aaron camps with Colin in the Jurassic and answers questions from Maize, Brendan, Mathew, Amelia, Londyn, and Jack.  SHOW NOTES ]

Episode 11 - Pterosaur
Aaron goes flying with his friend Pretzel the Pterosaur and answers a question from Marina and Miles.  SHOW NOTES ]

Episode 12 - Triceratops
Aaron meets a friend at the Natural History Museum's Triceratops Exhibit and answers a question from Andy.  SHOW NOTES ]

Episode 13 - Pliosaurus
Aaron and INO race across the ocean to help a sick Pliosaurus and answer a question from Ethan.  SHOW NOTES ]

Episode 14 - Troodon
Aaron and INO track a very cleaver night hunter and answer a question from Logan.  SHOW NOTES ]

Episode 15 - Monsters
Aaron and INO must be brave to solve a spooky dinosaur mystery.  SHOW NOTES ]

Episode 16 - Time
Aaron travels to the future to find the only person who can repair INO... the mysterious inventor, Princess Scientist.  SHOW NOTES ]

Episode 17 - Ornithomimus
Aaron and INO have a jungle race with an Ornithomimus and answer a question from Alex.  SHOW NOTES ]

Episode 18 - Acrocanthosaurs
Aaron and Evalyn travel to DiNoRoCK Theater for a Cretaceous Concert starring Monty Harper!  SHOW NOTES ]

Episode 19 - Deinonychus
Aaron and INO hike to Raptor Ridge in search of the deadly Deinonychus and answer a question from Samantha.  SHOW NOTES ]

Episode 20 - Tyrannosaur
SEASON 1 Finale - Aaron and INO investigate Tyrannosaur Valley and discover a mystery that will take them to all corners of the Earth's past.  SHOW NOTES ]


BONUS Episode 01 - Upgrades
Aaron and INO answer listener questions while prepping the 7Arcade for their journey to the Cenozoic.  SHOW NOTES ]

SEASON 2 - Burst of Mammals

Teaser - Season 2
Promotional teaser for Season 2 of the Aaron's World audio drama.  

Episode 21 - Survivors
Aaron and INO begin their Cenozoic adventure searching for survivors of the asteroid impact that caused the extinction of dinosaurs.  SHOW NOTES ]

Episode 22 - Gastornis
Aaron and INO are on the trail of the Eocene's top predator and answer a question from Harry.  SHOW NOTES ]

Episode 23 - Basilosaurus
Aaron and INO dive into the ancient Tethys Sea in search of a deadly marine mammal.  SHOW NOTES ]


BONUS Episode 02 - Ankylosaur
Aaron, Colin, Evalyn, and Cami gather around the campfire to read Daniel Loxton's new dinosaur book for kids... Ankylosaur Attack!  SHOW NOTES ]


Episode 24 - Megatherium
Aaron and INO track the elusive Megatherium and answer a BIG science question from Vince.  SHOW NOTES ]

Episode 25 - Cenozoic
Aaron and a Cenozoic stranger must work together to retrieve a stolen I.N.O. computer chip.  SHOW NOTES ]

Episode 26 - Wolves
Aaron returns home to attend a Science Explorers Club meeting and answers a question from Oliver.  SHOW NOTES ]

Episode 27 - Ambulocetus
Aaron and INO dive deep to help and injured Ambulocetus and answer questions from Eliot, Jeremy, and Andy.  SHOW NOTES ]

Episode 28 - Plesiadapis
Aaron and INO search the treetops for early primates, answer a question from Molly, and do a little "Stargazing" to help fall asleep.  SHOW NOTES ]

Episode 29 - Smilodon
Aaron and INO track the deadly Smilodon and answer questions from Adam and Zachary.  SHOW NOTES ]

Episode 30 - Mammoth
SEASON 2 Finale - Aaron and INO's search for Ezra leads to a glacial showdown with... PRIME!  SHOW NOTES ]


EXTRAS - Born To Do Science (Part 1)
Aaron guest hosts on the "Born To Do Science" podcast and learns how scientists search for planets around other stars. (Part 1 of 2)  SHOW NOTES ]

EXTRAS - Born To Do Science (Part 2)
Aaron guest hosts on the "Born To Do Science" podcast and learns how scientists search for planets around other stars. (Part 2 of 2)  SHOW NOTES ]

BONUS Episode 03 - Purgatoreus
Aaron returns to the Paleocene to keep his promise to Smidge and answers several listener questions.  SHOW NOTES ]

SEASON 3 - Ocean of Life

Teaser - Season 3
Promotional teaser for Season 3 of the Aaron's World audio drama.  

Episode 31 - Paleozoic
Aaron and INO begin their Paleozoic adventure in a very unexpected way.  SHOW NOTES ]

Episode 32 - Virus
Aaron joins the crew of the S.E.A. Polaris and learns how vaccines can help protect him against an unexpected prehistoric creature.  SHOW NOTES ]

Episode 33 - Trilobites
Aaron and Delaney explore an Ordovician reef at sunrise and answer a question from Marina, Elliot, and Aidan.  SHOW NOTES ]

Episode 34 - Pterygotus
Aaron spends a rainy day at home in his secret underground lab and answers questions from Cole, Attia, and Jacob.  SHOW NOTES ]

Episode 35 - Meridian
Aaron and Delaney visit the Meridian S.E.A. Station for a concert under the sea and answer a question from Willow.  SHOW NOTES ]

Episode 36 - Ichthyostega
Aaron and Delaney head to the surface to see what new Paleozoic life is slowly working it's way onto the land.  SHOW NOTES ]

Episode 37 - Dunkleosteus
Delaney launches a plan that sends INO and FLASH deep into the sea canyons in search of a dangerous prehistoric plant.  SHOW NOTES ]

Episode 38 - Meganeura
Aaron and INO relax with a bit of Paleozoic bug watching and answer questions from Louis, Evry, Melissa, Jamie, and James.  SHOW NOTES ]

Episode 39 - Dimetrodon
Aaron and INO race into the Permian lava fields to rescue a pack of stranded Dimetrodons.  SHOW NOTES ]

Episode 40 - Abyss
SEASON 3 Finale - Aaron and Delaney must face the deepest and darkest place on our planet to retrieve Aaron's sunken ship, the 7Arcade.  SHOW NOTES ]


EXTRAS - Making the Podcast
Aaron and Daddy sit down to discuss how they make the podcast and answer some of the most frequently asked listener questions.  SHOW NOTES ]

EXTRAS - Tales From Truck City
Aaron shares an episode from the "Tales From Truck City" podcast created by 7 year old listener, Malachi.  SHOW NOTES ]

EXTRAS - Production Mode Activated!
Aaron and Daddy sit down to discuss all the early preparations for Season 4 and answer questions from listeners.  SHOW NOTES ]

EXTRAS - Delaney's World?
Aaron and Daddy answer more listener questions including one wondering if there will ever be a "Delaney's World".  SHOW NOTES ]

EXTRAS - Ezra's World
Aaron shares a "just for fun" episode from the Ezra's World podcast by 5 year old listener, Ezra.  SHOW NOTES ]

SEASON 4 - Point of Origin

Teaser - Season 4
Promotional teaser for Season 4 of the Aaron's World audio drama.  

Episode 41 - Rescue
Aaron is trapped on the bottom of the ocean while Delaney and FLASH face a swarm of probes on the surface.  SHOW NOTES ]

Episode 42 - Paradox
Aaron travels to the future in search of Princess Scientist and discovers the secret of PRIME's identity.  SHOW NOTES ]

Episode 43 - Postosuchus
Aaron and FLASH must figure out why they have been teleported to a Mesozoic jungle where dinosaurs are just beginning to evolve.  SHOW NOTES ]

Episode 44 - Pojo
Aaron and FLASH discover the secret of PRIME's mysterious past hidden deep in a Triassic jungle.  SHOW NOTES ]

Episode 45 - Solstice
Aaron, Delaney, and Ezra are reunited on the eve of a Prehistoric Holiday as they formulate a plan to find PRIME.  SHOW NOTES ]

Episode 46 - Titanoboa
Aaron, Delaney, and Ezra launch their plan to find PRIME's secret base.  

Episode 47 - Interlude
A brief musical interlude by Monty Harper before beginning our climactic story finale!  SHOW NOTES ]

Episode 48 - Pseudoscience
FINALE Part 1 of 3 - Aaron, Delaney, and Ezra's search for PRIME teleports them further back in time than they have ever been.  SHOW NOTES ]

Episode 49 - Decisions
FINALE Part 2 of 3 - Aaron's final encounter with PRIME forces them both to rethink the role science plays in our lives.  SHOW NOTES ]

Episode 50 - Frontier
FINALE Part 3 of 3 - Aaron, Delaney, and Ezra must stop the events set in motion by PRIME to save the Mesozoic world!  SHOW NOTES ]