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From Ian - Ocean Mech & Various INO Devices

From Connor - Ocean Mech

From Alyssa - Triceratops

From Alyssa - Tyrannosaurus Rex

From Ian (Age 9) - Meganuerid

From Connor (Age 7) - Paleozoic Coral

From Alyssa (Age 5) - Edaphosaurus

From Harry (Age 6) - Archaeoptyrx

From Ian (Age 7) -  Volcanoes erupting, Triceratops, T-Rex, and a Pterodactyl

From Connor (Age 5) - A Stegosaurus, T-Rex and tree

From Alyssa (Age 3) - A dinosaur with wings over a volcano

From Chad
From Andy
From Matthew
From Aaron (Age 6)

From Leah (Age 4) - The 7Arcade!

From Leah - Beautiful Artwork

From Eli (Age 7) - Dinosaurs and DNA

From Arthur (Age 5) from the UK - Velociraptor

From Will (Age 3) - Huge Trilobite eating Megalodon